“Starved… Scarred… and Scared”

Hoang Taing’s inspirational memoir, “Buffalo Girl: My Journey To Freedom,” is a lyrical, poetic recounting of a time that many of us remember, but few of us have experienced. Hoang’s story draws you in and carries you along as she reflects on the skills that spelled survival for her and members of her family. We can all think about her story and decide what we might have done. Where would we have drawn strength? Would we have survived? What made the difference? Author Hoang Taing inspires all of us to arm ourselves with what might be necessary for our own survival in difficult times or trying circumstances.
– Steve Carr

The obstacles Taing describes are jaw-dropping. In thought-provoking detail, she describes her disheartening ordeal of being wrenched from her home by the Khmer Rouge, separated from her family, imprisoned, and starved. But her pleasant memories, although scarce, bring hope to the reader, and underly Hoang Taing’s theme of resilience. There is no doubt that the metamorphosis of a shy girl who escapes the bondage of communist Cambodia to ultimately become an internationally revered philanthropist and peace advocate is a story that will inspire many for generations to come.– Scott Figatner

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Hoang Taing as a young girl in Cambodia with her family.